Financial Mis-selling Website preparing for launch!

Oh yes, after some hard work and jiggery-pokery we have revamped the site in readiness for the launch of our Mis-sold Mortgage service!

We’ve been working hard with a third party to initiate a claims service that can help people claim their money back after receiving poor financial advice.

It’s an interesting route with more options available to clients to see a return of funds.

So often we come across cases where the people who are accountable are now effectively ghosts, or hiding behind an illusion of poverty. They’ve taken the money and run. It’s awful and it can feel like the end of the line for many people.

It doesn’t have to be though. There are protocols in place to ensure this doesn’t happen. There are authorities out there that are designed to protect you.

This is an exciting time for CPC Worldwide and we are pleased that this route is going to be available on a No win, no fee basis for the majority of clients.

Have a look at our Terms page and if you would like to find out if your mortgage was mis-sold then please complete as much information as possible on our application page.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The CPC Team