No win, no fee terms: Your claim will be processed completely free of charge and if it is deemed viable, the claim will continue. There would be a charge calculated upon success as a fixed percentage of any monies returned to you. Full terms will be provided in writing prior to commencement of any claim. No Win No fee is subject to conditions of claim and if not applicable, the initial claim costs will be proportionate to the claim.

These are some of the terms in brief. Each client will be given full details upon formal application.

Compensation Levels
Guarantees of Success
Route of individual claims
Application Form
Form of Authority
Client Account of Events
Supporting Evidence
Key Documentation
The Process


Compensation Levels

Due to the complex nature, varying levels of investment and individual circumstances of people involved in these types of claims we do not discuss any potential compensation and settlement figures during the application and investigation process.

It is only upon completion of the complaint will we have an understanding of what losses have been suffered and what redress we feel the client is entitled. Us and our legal partners will not discuss these figures and will only give our professional opinion when an offer is made as to whether it is reasonable or not.

We are aware and understand the varying compensation levels that can be paid out and enforced by the government schemes involved in the resolution of these claims. As we do not know the specific route of a claim until submission we would advise refraining from discussing this with clients until we know what route these claim will be taking. Back to top

Guarantees of success

Due to the complex nature and varying circumstances that our clients find themselves in, we ensure that no guarantees of success are given. Unfortunately as much as would like to help everyone some cases simply do not fit the criteria needed to pursue a claim or their circumstances do not entitle them to compensation. Back to top

Route of individual claims

With a large number of potentially liable parties, government compensation schemes and routes for a complaint we find it best to avoid the conversation as to which route individual claims will go until the claim has been assessed fully. Back to top


Timeframes are not exact and only cater for the time that they have to deal with the complaint itself. This does not take into consideration the time it takes to gather the evidence, construct the complaint or any potential litigation required. When potential clients want to discuss this matter please advise them to discuss this with us at the point of submitting a completed application pack. The reasons for this is that the cases could take anywhere from six months up to three years depending on the route of claim that needs to be taken. Back to top

Application FormThis document is there to provide us with the following information:

It is vital that the information completed on this document is as accurate as possible. This will ensure we are contacting the relevant people and firms involved and will prevent any unnecessary delays. Clients can complete a basic version of the form here. A full document will be required prior to formal assessment, please contact us for further information. Back to top

Form of Authority

This document is to be completed after the initial enquiry to CPC Worldwide Ltd and it will allow us to contact the various companies involved in this matter that either hold personal data on the client in question or those institutions we may be submitting the claim to on the clients behalf. We require these to be returned to us in hard copy format as the companies in question will not accept any other form of this document. In some cases we may require certified ID from the clients to accompany the form of authority (We will contact the clients in question where necessary). Back to top

Client Account of Events

When constructing a complaint it is important that we understand the circumstances that surrounded the purchase of the investment property. Not only so that we can identify any liable parties involved but also this may be used as evidence as part of the claim. It is vital that the information completed on this document is as accurate as possible. Back to top

Supporting Evidence

When ourselves and our legal teams are structuring the complaint, it is important that we have all the facts, any supporting evidence that may add weight to your claim and your version of the events that took place. In some circumstances this information may now be no longer obtainable from the companies themselves as they may no longer be trading.

As such it is important that you provide us with any relevant documentation you have relating to the purchase of this investment. This includes information from the initial contact you had regarding the purchase through until now.

This may include:

  • Any communication, (emails, letters or marketing literature), between yourself and your lender, broker/advisor and the company who you purchased the investment property through.
  • Please include any documents that link these parties together.

Please note that any of this documentation shown above, no matter how irrelevant it may seem, could prove pivotal in securing any proposed settlement. We are happy to accept this information by post or email. Back to top

Key Documentation

It is ideal if you can provide as much of the following as possible:
  • Mortgage Offer
  • Key Facts Illustration
  • Mortgage Completion Statement
  • Annual Mortgage Statements
  • Mortgage recommendation letter from the broker
  • Mortgage suitability report
  • Evidence to show any associated fees incurred when taking out the mortgage such as:
  • ERC’s (Early Repayment Charges)
  • Broker Fees
  • Solicitor / Conveyancing Fees
  • Any other set up costs
  • Copy of cheque or bank statement showing any payments made towards the investment property such as the deposit and reservation fee etc.
  • Any documentation from your lender, mortgage broker and the company that sold you the investment property (This may be letters, sales material emails etc)

The Process

  1. Initial Application – Client submits initial application to CPC Worldwide Ltd which is then processed to our associates. This will consist of the mis-sold mortgage application form, forms of authority and the client account of events document. In addition to this we request the client sends in any supporting evidence they may have.
  2. Evidence Gathering – If complete we will then request the DSAR (Data Subject Access Request) from the lender(s) and broker(s) in question. This will include all personal data they hold on the client and will need to be returned to us within forty working days of receiving the request.
  3. Claim Construction – Upon receipt of all evidence and documentation required to assess the claim, we will pass these details to the chosen claim handler. This will vary depending of the type of claim and which route we take. In most circumstances at this stage the construction of the complaint will begin.
  4. Complaint submission – At this stage the complaint will either go to the lender, broker or FSCS.
  5. Decision – Upon completing their investigations the lender, broker or FSCS will give us their final decision.
  6. FOS – In the instances where the lender or broker reject a claim and we feel there are still grounds in which to pursue this matter further we have the option of either going to the FOS for them to arbitrate on the matter or potentially take the matter to court through formal legal proceedings.
  7. Final Outcome – Final decision is made by the relevant parties.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.
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